VpCI® Additives

VpCI®-322 VpCI® oil based concentrate that adds protection to lubricating and hydraulic oils during intermittent operation. Also fogged into cavities of equipment such as tanks, gearboxes, differentials for protection during transit and storage.
VpCI®-329 VpCI® oil based concentrate for use with lubricating, hydraulic and preservation oils providing exceptional vapor phase protection in sheltered outdoor/indoor conditions.
VpCI®-611 Water-based corrosion inhibitor for water blasting, wet abrasive blasting, hydrotesting, fire sprinkler systems or preservation applications.
VpCI®-649BD Water-based corrosion inhibitor for protection of ferrous or non-ferrous metals in closed loop systems.
VpCI®-705 Multifunctional fuel additive combining corrosion inhibitor, fuel stabilizer and water emulsifier for gasoline, diesel and gasahol mixtures.
M-529 Oil based package of corrosion inhibitors for lubricating oils offering excellent corrosion protection during operating conditions and intermittent operation.
M-645 Corrosion inhibiting float coat for hydrotesting of aboveground storage tanks with seawater. Best Used in conjuction with S-7 oxygen scavenger.
S-7 Catalyzed sodium slufide based oxygen scavenger.