Many types of corrosion prevention measures have been adopted over the years by the military. Now, new strategies are continually being developed and evaluated for effective corrosion control. Loss due to corrosion has become a major priority for militaries. Billions of dollars in assets are lost every year by the military, as well as industry and just as industry is making significant changes in the way they do business, so is the military. Even today, some militaries choose to do nothing due to the fact that war readiness may be jeopardized.

Cortec® Corrosion Prevention Solutions for Military

War readiness is a key factor now being taken into consideration, and Cortec® has the solutions needed that fit easily into existing application systems that will reduce costs of protection with more efficient and economical solutions. Cortec® can extend asset life and enhance war readiness. For more information on the products and processes Cortec® offers for the military please review this whitepaper: successful corrosion protection utilized by military worldwide