Many types of corrosion prevention measures have been adopted over the years by the military. Now, new strategies are continually being developed and evaluated for effective corrosion control. Loss due to corrosion has become a major priority for militaries.

Billions of dollars in assets are lost every year by the military sector. Yet, some militaries choose to do nothing due to the fact that war readiness may be jeopardized.


War readiness is a key factor now being taken into consideration, and Cortec® has the portfolio of products that ensure the effective, low-cost military asset preservation to extend the service life and enhance war readiness.

Vapor-phase Corrosion Inhibitor (VpCI®) technology is designed to protect idle military vehicles and assets during transit and storage. It is based on the formation of a molecular barrier that protects ferrous and non-ferrous metal surfaces from oxygen and electrolytes, thus breaking the corrosion cycle.


It has become a major priority for militaries to have a military equipment preservation system in place. While keeping transit and moving of equipment in mind, Militaries around the world trust the capabilities of Cortec® when it comes to asset preservation solutions by offering:

  • Heavy-duty multi-metal protection powered by Vapor phase Corrosion Inhibitors with high ultraviolet (UV) light protection to maintain the integrity of the parts packaged within
  • A replacement of conventional rust preventatives such as oils and desiccants and keeping the parts ready to use with no additional cleaning and/or degreasing necessary while saving you time and money.
  • External and internal parts protection as corrosion inhibitors vaporize and condense on all metal surfaces within the enclosed space and diffuse to every area of your equipment to help achieve a complete product storage protection during domestic and overseas shipments.

For more information on the products and processes Cortec® offers for the military please review this whitepaper: successful corrosion protection utilized by military worldwide