Corrosion Engineering and Field Services (CEFS) group at Cortec® is focused on providing each customer with optimum corrosion control solutions to meet their needs.

The scope of services for Cortec’s CEFS include a variety of corrosion control design, engineering, and field applications serving Cortec® customers worldwide. CEFS is committed to providing a cost-effective service designed to ensure our customers receive the correct products, technologies, and applications the first time, every time.

The primary focus of CEFS includes:

1. Delivery of exceptional design & engineering services for development of effective corrosion control solutions and comprehensive corrosion management programs.

2. Delivery of advanced applications and installations of corrosion control systems worldwide.

  • Our corrosion control solutions include, but are not limited to, a wide array of Vapor phase Corrosion Inhibitor (VpCI®) delivery systems, high performance coatings and linings, corrosion monitoring as well as cathodic protection alternatives.

3. Commitment to provide our customers with a sole-source supplier of:

  • Engineered corrosion control solutions.
  • Technologically advanced corrosion control products and processes.
  • Safe, professional, and effective delivery of corrosion control services.

Total Facility Corrosion Management Programs

Effective mitigation of asset/facility corrosion begins with well-engineered comprehensive programs that are designed to produce coordinated application of the appropriate technologies such as:

1. Corrosion Audits.
Comprehensive audits of individual facility assets that are potentially affected by corrosion. Audits are designed to identify areas with satisfactory attainment of corrosion control and areas with corrosion control deficiencies.

2. Baseline Assessments.
This type of assessment is designed to evaluate the effectiveness of operating corrosion control systems and identify any deficiencies or recommended revisions.

3. Corrective Action Programs.
This is follow-up to the previous evaluations. CEFS provides custom turnkey solutions for mitigation of identified corrosion control deficiencies. These programs can be tailored for compatibility with annual budgets as necessary