EcoLine® ELP

EcoLine® ELP (Extreme Lubricant Penetrant) is a high performance biodegradable soy-based lubricant and penetrant for general purpose use. It is formulated from natural seed oils and select additives that offer lubricity and performance superior to conventional lubricants. Its excellent performance, biobased nature, and low environmental impact make EcoLine® ELP, a highly desirable option for environmentally conscious industries.


  • Protects against rust and corrosion
  • Allows higher equipment operating speeds by cooling moving parts and reducing smoke
  • Reduces need to stock multiple lubricants
  • Repels water


Apply to metal parts for

  • General lubrication, penetration, and corrosion protection
  • Milling, tapping, and reaming
  • Cutting, grinding, and drilling
  • Loosening rusty bolts
  • Quieting squeaky hinges and moving parts


  • Contains 95% content
  • Made from renewable crop-based vegetable oils and Biodegradable
  • Safe for multi-metals
  • High flash and fire points
  • Chlorine-free