For many years, steel casings were commonly installed over sections of pipelines to provide mechanical protection under roads and railways. They were also used to provide a means of removing and replacing corroded pipes without the need for excavating the road.

On the other hand, steel casings create an environment that can trap water and water vapor in the area surrounding the carrier pipe which can lead to atmospheric and galvanic corrosion of carrier pipes.

External corrosion of carrier pipes inside cased pipeline crossings poses a constant risk to pipeline integrity and operation. Corrosion of the carrier pipe leads to metal loss and ultimately perforations in the steel pipeline. The results of such failures are dramatic on multiple fronts:

  • Loss of products
  • Costly repairs
  • Environmental impact and safety concerns.

Contact corrosion inhibitors are common and effective, but they do not serve all dimensions of corrosion protection. Underground pipeline protection needs more than that. With protecting underground Pipelines, the protection of pipeline internals is also essential.


CorroLogic® can be used to pipeline corrosion prevention

In recent years, amine carboxylate Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor (VCI) gel has been developed as a casing filler. Its characteristic capability to provide protection in the liquid phase, vapor phase and at the interface inside casings has provided operators with a practical solution to protect against Carrier pipe corrosion.

CorroLogic® VpCI® Gel Filler is a custom-designed double protection product, developed to fill the inside of closed environments such as pipeline casings and the inside of tubular tower structures to control corrosion, and provides resistance to bacterial corrosion for long time periods. The filler forms into a gel over a pre-determined period and prevents the infiltration of air and water inside the filled structures.

CorroLogic® VpCI® Gel Filler Complies with NACE Standard SP0208-2008, from Classes of Rust Preventatives referenced in Mothballing Manual and meets requirements of NACE SP0200-2014 Standard Practice: Steel Cased Pipeline Practices.

Steps taken for pipeline corrosion prevention will not only increase the service life but is also safe for the environment. Cathodic protection is used extensively all over the globe to protect cased pipeline crossings.

Cortec® solutions for the protection of cased pipeline crossings, carrier pipe corrosion, pipeline road crossing where it is exposed to various elements and humidity.

External coatings for SS piping and SS equipment becomes a barrier between the soil and pipelines.


The CorroLogic® VpCI® Filler is then pumped into the structure until it is filled to the desired level. After application, the CorroLogic® VpCI® Filler will setup and gel over a predetermined period of time, in addition to the following advantages:

  • Vapor-phase inhibiting action protects inaccessible and recessed surfaces.
  • If the filled space is subjected to moisture or outside air infiltration, the molecular layer is replenished by continuous vapor redeposition.
  • Little or no surface preparation is required, and product can be removed later by washing it off the metal surface.
  • Prevents future corrosion of coated and painted surfaces.
  • Viscosity and setup time is controllable.
  • Provides economical protection from corrosion and reduced shipping costs compared to other filler products.