Protection of Cased Pipeline Crossings

External corrosion of pipelines operating within cased crossings is a chronic problem in the oil and gas industry. Corrosion of the carrier pipe leads to metal loss and ultimately perforations in the steel pipeline. The results of such failures are dramatic on multiple fronts: loss of product, costly repairs, environmental impact and safety concerns.

Cortec® Corrosion Mitigation Systems

Corrologic® Engineered systems combine the protective properties of VpCIs with online corrosion rate monitoring to provide effective corrosion mitigation in cased crossings. These systems are economical, effective, and can be installed on a retrofit basis without disrupting pipeline service.

External coatings for SS piping and SS equipment to protect from and get rid of corrosion. Cortec® has many solutions that can solve the external corrosion of underground pipelines prevalent in the oil and gas industry.

The coating is essential to increase the resistance of pipes from corrosion. An economical option to mitigate pitting corrosion on SS components is to apply a protective coating system, which can minimize pitting growth and prevent new pitting formation, as well as reducing the cost, time, and resources associated with replacing pitted SS equipment.