Corrosion is a major problem for idle equipment and assets, especially in the presence of moist, salt-laden air or fluctuating humidity that forms condensation on electrical systems, rotating equipment, hydraulics, bolts, valves, and motors, to name a few components. Corrosion results in:

  • Premature equipment failure
  • Unnecessary and non-budgeted repair and replacement costs
  • Costly delays in the reinstatement of vehicles, plants, and equipment


Equipment preservation during transit, storage, construction, temporary shut-down, or long-term mothballing is essential to ensuring they can be reinstated and operational as quickly and cost-effectively as possible.

Cortec® has provided turnkey support for many years for asset preservation projects. Cortec® provides a wide range of product portfolio for equipment protection for storage as well.

Besides its qualified and experienced preservation team, Cortec® has a portfolio of products that ensure the effective, low-cost equipment preservation of static, rotating, and electrical equipment.

Vapor-phase Corrosion Inhibitor (VpCI®) technology is designed to protect idle equipment and assets during the shutdown, transit, and storage. It is based on the formation of a molecular barrier that protects ferrous and non-ferrous metal surfaces from oxygen and electrolytes, thus breaking the corrosion cycle.

Cortec® VpCI® technology provides total corrosion protection to equipment of all types, from small electronic components to large oil and gas module piping internals. Products are specially designed keeping in mind their use i.e,

preservation during storage, or preservation during transit. Cortec® also provides special systems for preservation during construction.


With Cortec's advanced technology, an asset preservation program can be designed to help clients reduce their write-offs and other costs associated with equipment’s MRO. Protection Of Equipment During Storage will not only help in reducing the costs but also makes it easier for reinstating the equipment.

  • Plant equipment protection against chlorides and salt attacks, microbial induced corrosion, galvanic corrosion, offshore and marine corrosion.
  • Cortec® VpCIs® are applied to multi-metal surfaces, both internal and external through multiple delivery systems. Therefore, asset management includes:
    • Raw material preservation
    • Operational spares preservation
    • Inventory preservation
    • Rotary equipment preservation
    • Static equipment preservation
    • Electrical equipment preservation
  • Assistance with the removal of preservation products is also available during future equipment commissioning and start-up.

Equipment Protection For Storage

Equipment preservation is important for industries worldwide. But it is especially true in the harsh weather of Middle Eastern countries like Oman, Qatar, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, UAE. With capital assets being so expensive, corrosion can run haywire on the budgets. Preservation during transit needs a different system as compared to preservation during storage. Similarly, preservation during construction asks for a different system.

Cortec’s VpCI® technology provides corrosion protection to all types of equipment, inventory, the raw material for different needs. VpCI® is a safe, cost-effective method for preventing and diminishing the severe damage caused by corrosion in interim exposure.

Electrical equipment preservation can instantly become a costly affair. With the cost of delays from restarting the operations and the labor costs, we make sure that our system is cost-effective and efficient. VpCI® technology makes sure that reinstating any kind of equipment is possible in an acceptable time-frame.

For the preservation during construction, our MCI® technology makes sure construction goes on smoothly without any delays.

Our product portfolio not only includes corrosion inhibitors but surface preparation products as well. These preventative products work in a systematic way to stop corrosion even before it occurs. For example, Our MCI® products are used in the early stages of construction by mixing the product in the concrete which will be in direct contact with the reinforced metals. These kinds of preservation systems not only increase the service life of the structures but also saves the cost, down the line like repair and labor costs.

Cortec’s qualified and experienced preservation team ensures that any kind of equipment preservation is impactful and long-lasting. We work with clients closely to get a system in place and help them implement the said system.

Preservation should be the first step even before the work has commenced. Corrosion can quickly degrade the inventory, equipment if left unattended. A little can go a long way with the use of our technology. Even before buying inventory and raw material, a system should be planned well in advance.

Inventory preservation systems like packaging and emitters are some of the effective ways to protect inventory from getting damaged due to moisture in the environment. Our VpCI® technology bio-based paper is not only good for your inventory but good for the environment as well. Other benefits include cost-effectiveness, user-friendliness. Our emitters work on a molecular level. They work to slowly release VCI molecules into the air to form a thin layer on the metal surfaces to prevent the air and moisture from coming into contact with the surface. It’s one of the easiest corrosion prevention measures you can take.

Cortec® Middle East provides Raw Material Preservation, Rotary Equipment Preservation, and much to the industries in the Gulf countries like Oman, Qatar, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, UAE.