Equipment Preservation

Cortec's expertise in preserving equipment during transit and storage is unrivaled in the industry. Besides its qualified and experienced technical staff, Cortec® has the portfolio of products that ensure the effective, zero defect, low-cost preservation of static, rotating and electrical equipment.

The stresses occurring during transport, handling and storage of equipment are often greater than those occurring at the place of use. Such stresses may be manifested, for example, as extreme variations in temperature, which result in a risk of condensation. Especially in maritime transport, the elevated salt content of the water and air in so-called sea salt aerosols may cause damage, as salts have a strongly corrosion promoting action.

Cortec's Environment Friendly Equipment Preservation Plan

At Cortec® Middle East we use VpCI® Technology for protection of equipment in storage. VpCI® is a safe, cost-effective method for preventing and diminishing the severe damage caused by corrosion in interim exposure.

Cortec® VpCIs® do not contain chromates or other heavy metals, nitrites or chlorinated hydrocarbons offering an environmentally safe method of treatment with low toxicity and low polluting effects. Cortec’s versatile product range allows protection of equipment of all types, shapes and sizes. To view a complete range of environmental friendly corrosion inhibitor products, click here

Cortec® helps industries develop an equipment preservation plan for Plant Inventory. Preservation should be the first step even before work has commenced. Corrosion can quickly degrade unprotected inventory. Corrosion can spoil the integrity of equipment quickly if left unattended. Deteriorated infrastructure and equipment are expensive to replace and pose safety hazards. With Cortec's advanced technology such as VpCI and MCI, Preservation of equipment during storage, transit, or standby, has never been this easy, efficient, and advanced. Maintaining equipment in an effective way to maintain its integrity, equipped for action, can be a difficult plan to achieve, given that machinery is constantly exposed to elements that are harmful to them and can lead to loss of the equipment.

There are 4 types of preservation systems by Cortec®:-

  • 1. Plant equipment preservation
  • 2. Rotating equipment preservation
  • 3. Static equipment preservation
  • 4. Operational spares preservation