Concrete Repair

Cortec® Migrating Corrosion Inhibitors (MCI®) offer engineers a variety of effective tools for the repair of reinforced concrete structures. Cortec provides the best concrete repair & reinforcement solutions. MCI® provides concrete corrosion protection against carbonation, chlorides, and other contaminants.

Cortec® Concrete Repair Products & Materials

MCI®-2020 is a water-based, organic, surface-applied, migrating corrosion inhibitor designed to penetrate through cementitious materials including concrete, mortar, and limestone. It migrates in both liquid and vapor (gas) phases through the pore structure, forming a protective, molecular layer on embedded reinforcement and allowing vapor diffusion. MCI®2020 provides strong corrosion protection against carbonation, chlorides, and other contaminants and will migrate independent of orientation (horizontal, vertical or overhead up to 8 cm (3 inches) in 30 days. Cortec® Middle East has the capabilities to assist in condition assessments and evaluation of techniques for the extension of service life for reinforced concrete structures.

concrete repair

Deterioration of concrete can happen due to many factors such as corrosion, structural damage, seismic activity, etc. A large part of concrete damage is due to the corrosion. In many cases, metal in the concrete is not properly protected during the construction stage. But the good news is that the repairing of corrosion damage of reinforced metals is possible.

Cortec® has developed a fully comprehensive solution to restore and rehabilitate concrete structures effectively. Cortec’s MCI® Technology for the repair of reinforced concrete structures is a safe choice.

Repair of concrete is needed from time to time as the structure gets old due to several reasons. Assessing the extent and severity of the damage, Cortec® can provide you with a comprehensive plan for concrete repair.

Few of the famous Cortec® products are MCI®-2020 and MCI®-2005. The selection of the most appropriate product is dependent on different factors like the type of material, the quality of the existing concrete and its surface, the extent of the damage, type of the environment structure is in, etc.

Due to the high levels of humidity present in the environment of the gulf countries like Oman, Qatar, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, UAE, etc, concrete preservation is much needed.