Concrete Repair

Cortec® Migrating Corrosion Inhibitors (MCI®) offer engineers a variety of effective tools for the repair of reinforced concrete structures.

Cortec® Concrete Repair Products & Materials

MCI®-2020 is a water-based, organic, surface-applied, migrating corrosion inhibitor designed to penetrate through cementitious materials including concrete, mortar, and limestone. It migrates in both liquid and vapor (gas) phases through the pore structure, forming a protective, molecular layer on embedded reinforcement and allowing vapor diffusion. MCI®2020 provides strong corrosion protection against carbonation, chlorides, and other contaminants and will migrate independent of orientation (horizontal, vertical or overhead up to 8 cm (3 inches) in 30 days. Cortec® Middle East has the capabilities to assist in condition assessments and evaluation of techniques for the extension of service life for reinforced concrete structures.