During plummeting oil prices and uncertainties, many rig owners are already or will soon be facing the question of whether, or not, it is time to stack their offshore drilling rigs.

Concerned about cutting losses and reducing capital output, they need cost-effective solutions for preserving the value of millions of dollars’ worth of assets in harsh conditions until they can either be put back into service.

It is important for rig owners and operators to have a good layup strategy in place. Drilling companies are in a precarious position right now as they often rely upon conventional rig stacking procedures to minimize the impact of idle times.

During down times, drilling operators attempt to minimize labor, equipment, and other costs without compromising their “rebound readiness.”


Corrosion protection is a key part of keeping those assets in good condition, especially in harsh marine environment, exposed to high temperatures and chloride-ridden sea spray. Early engagement ensures proper preservation before and during layup to reduce corrosion and enables faster reactivations.

Cortec® has organized its global resources to be on stand-by to support the drilling industry across the Middle East and Africa by providing turn-key rig stacking solutions for land and offshore to maintain a trouble-free return to service at a minimal cost.

This has been true for rig layup conditions of all kinds—from hot layup and cold stacking of brownfield operations, to preservation of new greenfield assets waiting to be commissioned, to layup of operational and critical spares that need to be ready at a moment’s notice.

Cortec’s comprehensive rig stacking package includes:

  • Development of preservation procedures and manuals
  • Rig preservation services for:
    • Pre-stack rig surveys
    • Cold Stacking
    • Warm or Hot Stacking
    • Cortec Smart Stacking Program (CSSP)
    • Dry & Wet Layup
    • Construction
    • Long term storage
  • Stacking management and preservation software
  • Execution of preservation projects with continual preservation maintenance
  • Cleaning and flushing of deluge systems
  • De-preservation as part of rig reactivation


Cortec solutions utilizes the power of volatile corrosion inhibitors (VCIs) to protect critical equipment during the final operation cycle or shutdown and often do not require removal or special procedures prior to reactivation of assets.

Cortec’s environmentally friendly Vapor-phase Corrosion Inhibitors (VpCIs) makes it safe for discharge in seawater at recommended concentration Also, provides 3-phase metal protection in Liquid, Vapor, and Interface, and offer multi delivery systems such as:

Cortec has direct presence regionally to provide in-market service and technical support. Field Service Engineers have been certified and are available to provide a quick response, guidance, supervision to clients. This will ensure quality assurance, accountability, and proper application of Cortec products.

Warm Stacking

Cortec® is the world leader in providing corrosion control solutions for drilling in the oil and gas industry. The oil and gas industry is very prevalent in the gulf region especially in countries such as Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Egypt. Due to recent downturns in the oil and gas industry and fluctuations in oil prices, many rig operators have started planning rig stacking in hopes of returning as market recovers.

Cortec® is ready with its comprehensive plan to provide support from its strategic location in the UAE. You can also download our detailed manuals on Layup of Landbased drilling rigs or Layup of offshore rigs.

Depending on the client’s needs or the duration of the layup, Cortec® can help the rig operators plan the rig layup solution, whether it is cold stacking, warm stacking, or hot stacking of the rigs.

Our VpCI® Technology and the various products under it like emitters, films, surface preparation, etc provides full support to the oil and gas industry from preserving the equipment to transporting the equipment to the storage space.

Types of equipment we preserve: Drill floor, Draw works, Pipe deck, Horizontal-to-vertical pipe handling machine, riser handling crane, etc.

Cortec’s experienced engineered team provides complete support and guidance in the form of training personnel, guides, product training. Choose Cortec® for corrosion control for drilling spares.