MCI® Technology

Cortec® Corporation’s patented MCI® (Migrating Corrosion Inhibitor) Technology protects reinforcing metal in concrete from corrosion. Often, corroding rebar in deteriorating concrete is the cause of costly repairs, financial losses, injuries, and even deaths, but Cortec® has the corrosion solution. MCI® greatly extends the service life of new and existing structures by proactively delaying the onset of corrosion and keeping rates low after initiation. Cortec® MCI® products maintain structural integrity, rehabilitate vulnerable structures, and alleviate environmental concerns.

MCIs are based on amine technology (amine alcohols and amine carboxylates). They are classified as mixed inhibitors, meaning they affect both anodic and cathodic portions of a corrosion cell. MCI® is applied in many forms including as a concrete admixture or a topical treatment. It moves as a liquid through the concrete matrix via capillary action and migrates in a vapor phase throughout the concrete pore structure. When MCI® comes in contact with embedded metals, it has an ionic attraction to it and forms a protective molecular layer. This film prevents corrosive elements from further reacting with the reinforcement and also reduces existing corrosion rates, greatly extending concrete service life.

migratory corrosion inhibitor

Corrosion is a huge issue in the construction industry. It can be detrimental to the concrete. Reinforced metals in the concrete once start corroding can result in cracks, decreased integrity of the structures. Concrete is always exposed to various elements in the environment. It needs to be protected with the right product to improve the integrity and increase the service life of the structure.

Cortec® provides solutions like Admixture which can be mixed in the concrete during the construction.

Cortec also provides solutions for the situations where metal has already been corroded and effected the concrete and needs a product to remove corrosion and slow down further corrosion. We also provide solutions for concrete repair.

Cortec® migratory corrosion inhibitor technology is advanced and cost-effective for slowing down the corrosion on the metal rebar in the concrete structures. Migrating corrosion inhibitors is based on amine technology. They effect both the anodic and cathodic portions of the corrosion cell.

Moment MCI comes in contact with the metal, it gets an ionic attraction with it, providing it protection at a molecular level. It becomes a protective layer on the metal becoming a barrier between the environment and the metal. With unavailable elements for the corrosion to prosper, corrosion becomes extremely slow resulting in improved service life and increased safety for the users.

Cortec® operates in countries like Oman, Qatar, Egypt, Saudi, Kuwait from our strategic hub in Jebel Ali, UAE.