Power & Water

At 34.7%, the cost of corrosion in Utilities accounts for the largest portion of annual industrial corrosion costs. Besides their demanding operating conditions, power and desalination plants are mostly built in aggressive seacoast environment. Storage and distribution facilities are also exposed to high humidity, salinity and temperatures making corrosion a prime concern.

Cortec® Corrosion Solutions for Power and Water Industries

Whether your need is maintenance or new construction, Cortec® understands the demands of the industry and continues to innovate cost-effective, reliable solutions to the vast array of corrosion challenges.

Power and Water Applications

Corrosion in power and water industry

The power and water industry accounts for the largest corrosion costs. Given their extremely demanding conditions and environment, corrosion in the power and water industry is extremely prevalent and a major risk

Cortec® Technology provides complete corrosion protection to the industry in the form of our VpCI® and MCI® Technology.

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