Rust Preventives

Electricorr®-239 Multifunctional multimetal cleaner and corrosion inhibitor. Can be safely applied for the corrosion protection of electronic circuits or relays in aggressive conditions including industrial, offshore, marine and tropical regions.
VpCI®-391 Waterborne, temporary coating that is intended for medium to long-term indoor and outdoor protection.
VpCI®-386 Waterborne high performance protective primer / topcoat powered by nano-VpCI®.
VpCI®-369 Self-healing, moisture displacing oily temporary coating with excellent lubricity. Can also be used as an oil additive.
VpCI®-368 Solvent cutback, wax based, rust preventive with exceptional protection in outdoor industrial and offshore environments.
CorrVerter® Waterbased rust converter and primer for application to rusty or poorly prepared steel surfaces where further corrosion protection is required and good surface preparation is difficult.
VpCI®-337 Waterborne vapor phase corrosion inhibitor for temporary multimetal protection. Ideal for protection of void spaces, vessels, tanks, piping and pipelines.
VpCI®-377 Waterborne rust preventive concentrate for indoor protection of equipment and components with a wide dilution range (0.5-20%).
VpCI®Super Penetrant Deep penetrating formulation that loosens parts locked in rust and displaces moisture and water.

Rust preventative lubricant

Cortec® technology can remove the stubborn rust from the metal surfaces. It is an extremely popular and wise choice as rust protection for recovering already corroded metals and equipment. Metals are bound to be corroded, one thing you can do is to slow down the corrosion process by choosing and applying the right product at the right time.

Cortec’s VpCI® and MCI® patented technology protects and recovers the metals in an effective way. Due to the technology working at a microscopic level, it can get into hard to reach places where other rust removers fail to do so. A metal object is bound to get corrosion but if its constantly exposed to the open air and harsh weather conditions, the rate of corrosion increases exponentially.

Preventing corrosion on structural steel is vital to the overall integrity and aesthetics of the structure. One of the easiest and cost-effective ways to remove rust is to use rust preventative lubricant. It helps in the easy application of other corrosion prevention solutions.

Also, Rust primers can be used alternatively before the structure is painted or any other solution is applied. Rust primer helps the metal surface get ready for the treatment. Few main benefits for these are better application, long-lasting results, etc.

Cortec® patented VpCI® Technology is an effective and pocket-friendly way to prevent rust from occurring.

Corrosion can be prevented by adding a temporary protective coating, maybe during transit or storage. This coating can help protect the metal from the environment temporarily until the Rust inhibitor is applied.

Coating a metal surface with paint or enamel provides a barrier between the metal and the moisture in the environment. Cortec® Rust remover can also be used if the corrosion has occurred.

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