Hydrotesting and Mothballing

Hydrotesting or hydrostatic testing of metallic equipment such as vessels, piping, valves etc. is an important method for quality control of parts, after production and during use. When water is used in these tests, corrosion of the metal, during and after testing is a concern.

Cortec's Vapor Phase Corrosion Inhibitor Technology

Cortec® have developed optimum hydrotesting methodologies utilizing its state-of-the-art VpCI® technology covering assets from aboveground storage tanks, equipment such as valves to piping and pipelines. Above ground storage tanks can be hydro tested with seawater using Cortec's innovative M645 Float Coat, which is applied to the tank shell surfaces by the rising level of the hydro test water in itself. Read more about M645 Float Coat here Different VpCI® Additives and concentrations are combined to provide protection for the desired period during and post-hydro testing for equipment.

Cortec® Specialists can provide guidance in providing the optimum combination of product and dosage depending on water quality, asset class and desired length of protection. The treated seawater, after hydro testing, must meet all requirements for discharge . In addition to providing a high level of corrosion protection, Cortec® VpCIs offer environmental benefits, including biodegradability and the ability to lower bacterial count in treated seawater.