When water is used in these tests, corrosion of the metal, during and after testing is a concern.

The cost of corrosion for idle equipment is staggering; billions are lost each year due to corrosive attack on static equipment ranging from vessels, pipelines, valves, and tanks.


Hydrotesting or hydrostatic testing of metallic equipment such as vessels, piping, valves, etc. is an important method for quality control of parts, after production and during use.

Cortec® has developed optimum hydrotesting methodologies utilizing its state-of-the-art VpCI® technology covering assets from aboveground storage tanks, equipment such as valves to piping, and pipelines. Hydrotesting equipment is performed to expose abnormalities that missed prior detection. Hydrotesting of the valve or other equipment is especially important as it regulates the flow of liquids.

Cortec® preservation specialists can provide guidance in providing the optimum combination of product and dosage depending on water quality, asset class and desired length of protection. The treated seawater, after hydrotesting, must meet all requirements for discharge. Hydrotesting in the UAE is essential due to the high amount of salt articles present in the water. Cortec® also provides mothballing to water treatment plants.


Cortec® is committed to quality and excellence. We have experts stationed worldwide, ready to offer full-scale recommendations, application assistance, and technical support, including solutions that:

  • Provides multi-metal protection from atmospheric corrosion.
  • Effective for a broad range of applications to stop aggressive corrosion from fresh and saltwater, brine, chlorides, and other dissolved halogens.
  • Biodegradable, environmentally friendly, and nitrite/ amine-free.
  • Generally safe for discharge in seawater at the recommended concentration.
  • Not affected by pH range and salt concentration levels.
  • Future assistance with the transition from the layup phase to plant commissioning.

Our personalized services can effectively preserve your valuable equipment and other primary assets so that when you are ready to use them again, they are working just like you left them.