Cortec Middle East is the regional office for Cortec Corporation, the leading manufacturer of environmentally-friendly corrosion inhibitors providing effective solutions for corrosion challenges across most industries. Operating throughout the Middle East and North Africa, Cortec Middle East taps into the expertise of a team of highly qualified engineers and a wide portfolio of developed solutions.

From a humble beginning in a small garage in St. Paul, Minnesota, USA, Cortec Corporation have grown into the World’s Leader in Corrosion Protection Technology with the manufacture, distribution and application of anti corrosion products and systems based on the revolutionary Vapor Phase Corrosion Inhibition Technology.

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Cortec Middle East provides Corrosion technology across various industries. Our effective solutions are welcomed and being utilized for all types of Corrosion challenges.

Each industry has unique corrosion challenges; Cortec specializes in providing the appropriate industry oriented solution.

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Oil & Gas

The Oil & Gas Industry has presented difficult challenges to researchers in fighting the effects of corrosion. Cortec's capability offers highly efficient and economical corrosion protection for Oil and
Gas applications.


The durability of concrete structures is threatened by the high levels of chlorides and carbon oxides in the environment. Cortec’s patented MCI® technology is an effective and cost-effective technique for the enhancement of durability.

Power & Water

power and desalination plants are mostly built in aggressive seacoast environment. Cortec understands the demands of the industry and continues to innovate cost-effective, reliable solutions to the vast array of corrosion challenges.


War readiness is a key factor now being taken into consideration, and Cortec has the solutions needed that fit easily into existing application systems that will reduce costs of protection with more efficient and economical solutions.

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Cortec's corrosion technology has been used for various industries. Across industries, each application has a specific type of challenge causing loss of asset, depreciation, expensive maintenance and even safety concerns.

Cortec provides tested and proven methodologies that utilize and combine scientific research with effective monitoring. We use technology that is tested with time and certified to ensure significant enhancement of your assets. Our application procedures are safe, economical and improve the durability and life of the structure.

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